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Download these useful guides* (page 1/page 2) for a self-guided tour of University Town!

Alternatively, you may also wish to embark on an interactive self-guided tour by downloading our NUS Campus Explorer app available on both ITunes and Google Play Store! Listen to the audio guides and check in to the various buildings to win a mystery gift! Have fun exploring UTown!

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Quotes "My stay at UTown has been memorable thus far, and I am glad to be part of a community where there is active engagement of students in decision-making and in the organisation of activities/events. Also, the environment has a sense of vibrancy alongside diversity, where we get to interact with new friends from a variety of cultures/countries as we live, learn, work and mature together."
- Silin
Did you know? Equipped with facilities for personal or collaborative work, there are 1751 power sockets at the study areas in ERC.

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