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Alternatively, you may also wish to embark on an interactive self-guided tour by downloading our NUS Campus Explorer app available on both ITunes and Google Play Store! Listen to the audio guides and check in to the various buildings to win a mystery gift! Have fun exploring UTown!

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Quotes "Being part of the Tembusu community has been an exhilarating experience! Apart from participating in student-initiated activities as well as honing my critical thinking skills through the uniquely designed Ideas and Exposition modules, informal learning opportunities are also available to enhance and complete my College experience."
- Timothy
Did you know? Studios and practice rooms at the Stephen Riady Centre are open for use from 7am to 7pm (weekdays during term time). See the Facilities Booking page for more details.

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About University Town
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Stephen Riady Centre

Supporting a holistic educational experience 

Photo by Leong Mun Wai

Located within the centre is a range of sports, educational and performing arts facilities. These include two multipurpose sports halls, a rock climbing wall, a gym, recreational pool, an auditorium, dance studios and practice rooms. 

Visitors new to University Town™ (UTown®) can drop by the Visitors Centre on level 1, which is co-located with the Office of Admissions. Also located on level 1 is the UTown Managment Office which provides support to events, student activities and programmes held in UTown. Students, staff and visitors who wish to learn more about UTown or book the educational and performing arts facilities may approach the Office. 

Additionally, the Stephen Riady Centre has various retail and dining outlets, including a food court and Bookhaven - a lifestyle bookstore offering a wide range of books, e-books and IT accessories. 

Swing by UTown and begin your exploration!

For more information on the facilities available, please click here.

  • To learn more about the equipment in the seminar rooms at Stephen Riady Centre, please click here.
  • To learn more about the equipment in UTown Auditorium 2 and the Lecture Theatres, please click here.
  • To learn more about the sports facilities at Stephen Riady Centre, please click here
  • For the list of retail and dining outlets in UTown, please click here

For enquiries on facilities booking, please contact:

  • reboks@nus.edu.sg for sports amenities
  • utown@nus.edu.sg for teaching and other facilities such as studios and practice rooms - For performing arts spaces, bookings are to be made at least 3 working days in advance; advance booking is allowed up to 7 days and students / staff can book up to six hours per week.
  • 66013556 for the swimming pool at UTown 
  • 66013557 for the gym at UTown