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Quotes "I was given the liberty to explore and reflect on my chosen topics of discussion, as well as experiment with different writing styles. In short, it was a pretty novel and enjoyable learning experience at UTown!"
- Man Ying
Did you know? Equipped with facilities for personal or collaborative work, there are 1751 power sockets at the study areas in ERC.

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NUSS-NUS Mentorship Programme

*Update* The second round of application has closed on 23 September 2016, 12 noon. 

Launched in AY2012/2013, the NUSS-NUS Mentorship Programme is a joint collaboration between the University and the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS). Open to NUS undergraduate students residing at Cinnamon College (USP), College of Alice & Peter Tan, Residential College 4, Ridge View Residential College, Tembusu College, Eusoff Hall, Kent Ridge Hall, Temasek Hall, King Edward VII Hall, and Sheares Hall, the programme is designed to: 

  • Establish a platform for students to learn from and share with the mentors;
  • Facilitate smooth transition from university to work for students; and
  • Offer networking opportunities between students and the graduate communities.

Students chosen for this programme will receive guidance and support from selected members of NUSS who have at least 10 years of working experience and are eager to engage young people in exploring post-graduation opportunities and possibilities. These NUSS members will serve as the students’ mentors and advise them in charting possible career paths, as well as guide them in achieving their goals and aspirations.

The programme will last for one year, during which mentors and mentees are expected, as a general guideline, to commit to a minimum of four interactions. These can take place on campus or off campus. The meetings can include discussions on matters relating to career interests, planning and progression, work-life balance, as well as industry trends and updates. After the programme, mentors and mentees are encouraged to continue their mentoring relationship on a non-official basis. Click here for more information on the programme. 

“Through regular casual meetings with my mentor, who has a wealth of experience and wisdom to share over food and laughter, I am able to look beyond the minute details which plague each young adult to form a bigger perspective of life. The programme has prepared me to deal with the difficulties of understanding theoretical business concepts with solid application in my internship under my mentor. With a chance to work with my mentor and constant access to his knowledge, I can now better contemplate the unknowns of my further education and career opportunities, as well as the strange, long road of adulthood that lies ahead of me. ”

Pearl Lee
NUS Business School / Tembusu College