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Quotes "I was given the liberty to explore and reflect on my chosen topics of discussion, as well as experiment with different writing styles. In short, it was a pretty novel and enjoyable learning experience at UTown!"
- Man Ying
Did you know? To cater to every sleep cycle, many facilities such as the PC and Mac Commons, and the study clusters, are open 24/7.

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General Information on Facilities Booking at UTown

  • What are the facilities available at UTown?

    Teaching facilities are available at Education Resource Centre, Stephen Riady Centre and Town Plaza. For more information, please refer to http://utown.nus.edu.sg/assets/Uploads/Documents/ERC-Seminar-Rooms.pdf and http://utown.nus.edu.sg/assets/Uploads/Documents/Auditoriums-in-UTown.pdf

    In addition, there are sports amenities and performing arts spaces for the NUS community. Please click here for more information.

  • How do I book the meeting rooms at the Mac/PC Commons located at Education Resource Centre?

    Instructions on how to book the rooms can be found at http://utown.nus.edu.sg/contact/facilities-booking/.

    Please note that all bookings have to be done via the online system* with 3 days’ advance notice; advance booking is allowed up to 7 days. Each user can make a booking of up to 4 hours per day (minimum 30 minutes per booking).

    Users, however, are free to use the meeting rooms when they are available although priority would be given to users who have made a prior booking. 

    * This link is accessible from the NUS intranet. If you are not accessing it within the campus, please log into the NUS Web VPN. 

  • How do I book a seminar room/lecture theatre/auditorium at UTown?

    These teaching facilities are accessible from 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays during term time to facilitate classes. To book these facilities, please submit the completed booking form to utown@nus.edu.sg; the booking form can be found at http://utown.nus.edu.sg/contact/facilities-booking/.

    Bookings for these facilities will only be considered from the third week of each semester. Please note that we only accept bookings from NUS departments as well as NUS student organisations which are registered with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA); bookings by these student organisations should be endorsed by the respective OSA’s staff adviser. Please also note that charges are applicable for the booking of seminar room/lecture theatre/auditorium.

    For enquiries on facilities booking and charges, please contact us at utown@nus.edu.sg.

  • How do I book the sports facilities at Stephen Riady Centre?

    Please write to sports@nus.edu.sg for booking of as well as enquiries on sports facilities.  

  • Can I book the performing arts spaces (e.g. studios and practice rooms) at the Stephen Riady Centre? What kinds of event are held in these rooms?

    Yes, students and staff are allowed to book the performing arts spaces. Booking is to be made 3 working days in advance; advance booking is allowed up to 7 days. Only one booking per individual request is allowed within a week.

    Students and staff, however, can use the rooms without prior booking but priority will be given to users who have booked the rooms. Studios M1 to M6 and Practice Rooms M3 and M5 are located within the Anteroom on level 2, and are open from 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays during term time.

    Students and staff can organise activities ranging from dance workshops to judo and yoga in these rooms.

  • Can the Town Green be booked for activities?

    Yes, students and staff can book Town Green for official activities. Please submit the completed form to utown@nus.edu.sg; the booking form can be found at http://utown.nus.edu.sg/contact/facilities-booking/.

    Please note that as Town Green is an open area, the Office would not be able to keep out other users even with a booking. The Office welcomes leisure activities on the Town Green and would appreciate that users adhere to the usage policy.