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Admission to the Residential Colleges

  • #1 How can I apply to the UTCP and how will I be assessed?

    Incoming freshmen may refer to http://utown.nus.edu.sg/apply/residential-colleges/#incoming for more information.

    Current undergraduates may refer to http://utown.nus.edu.sg/apply/residential-colleges/#current for more information. 

  • #2 How can I apply to USP?

    For application and admission to USP, please refer to the USP website

  • #3 How can I apply to RVRC?

    For admissions and application to RVRC, please click here.

  • #4 Can I choose which residential college to stay in if I apply to the UTCP?

    You can indicate your preference, if any, for the College of Alice & Peter Tan, Residential College 4 or Tembusu College when you apply to the UTCP, but your eventual placement (if selected) may be different. Please note that you will not be able to make any changes to your choice once you have submitted your application.

  • #5 Can I apply to the UTown College Programme (UTCP), the University Scholars Programme (USP), and the Ridge View Residential College Programme concurrently?

    No, you may not apply for more than one of these programmes at the same time. 

  • #6 Can I apply to the UTCP and campus accommodation at Halls of Residence or Student Residences concurrently?

    You may apply to Halls of Residence and Student Residences at the same time that you submit an application for the UTCP or while awaiting your application outcome from the UTCP. However, you will only be able to hold on to one offer. 

  • #7 I am an incoming student, but do not have an application number. How do I apply to the UTCP?

    To apply to the UTCP, please write to rcadmissions@nus.edu.sg

  • #8 I am a NUS current undergraduate. Can I still apply to the UTCP?

    Yes, you may still apply to the UTCP in the College of Alice & Peter Tan, Residential College 4 or Tembusu College, if the programme is open for admissions. 

    Please refer to http://utown.nus.edu.sg/apply/residential-colleges/#current for more information.


  • #9 I am serving National Service (NS) and will only matriculate in 2 years’ time. Can I still apply to the UTCP?

    Yes. We would encourage you to apply now, so that you can be assessed against applicants from your cohort for admissions into UTown College Programme (UTCP). In the event you are successful in your application, a place will be reserved for you in the year that you matriculate into NUS.

  • #10 I am a Returning NS Man and will be matriculating this year. Can I still apply to the UTCP?

    Yes, you may apply to the UTCP.

  • #11 What are the curricular requirements of the UTCP? How are these modules counted towards graduation?

    UTCP students read five modules with their respective residential colleges over four semesters, and the rest with their home Faculties. Students who complete the five UTCP modules would be deemed to have satisfied the University Level Requirements, which most NUS degree programmes require as part of graduation.

    For Cohorts 2014/2015 and before, the UTCP curriculum (20 MCs) fulfils the graduation requirements of General Education (8 MCs), Breadth (8 MCs) and Singapore Studies (4 MCs).

    For Cohort 2015/2016, the UTCP curriculum (20 MCs) replaces the curricular space meant for the five General Education modules (20 MCs) under the new General Education curriculum.

    For Cohorts 2016/17 onwards, students who complete the UTCP are exempted from four of the five modules of the GE curriculum. Four UTCP modules will be read in place of the GE modules and the fifth UTCP module is taken as an Unrestricted Elective (UC) or Faculty requirements (if applicable). The university requires all undergraduates (with the exception of Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing) to complete the GER1000 Quantitative Reasoning (QR) module. This is the fifth GE module, and serves to complete the GE requirements for UTCP students. GER1000 will be pre-allocated for you to read in your first or second semester.

  • #12 I am applying for a place in Medicine, Dentistry and Law. Am I still able to participate in the UTCP? Do I also need to read modules, since we do not have University Level Requirements?

    Students pursuing an undergraduate programme in all Faculties and Schools (except for Yale-NUS College) are eligible to apply for the UTCP. Students in Medicine, Dentistry and Law will also be reading modules while in residency; alternative arrangements have been worked out to enable these students to engage with the UTCP curriculum.  

  • #13 I am an incoming freshman. Will I be eligible for the grade-free scheme if I participate in the UTCP?

    The grade-free scheme in the form of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grading is available to incoming students in the modular Faculties/Schools. Students from the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and Faculty of Law have their own versions of the grade-free system. In other words, students in the UTCP will be able to enjoy the grade-free experience like other NUS students. 

    For details on the S/U policy, please refer to: http://www.nus.edu.sg/registrar/education-at-nus/undergraduate-education/continuation-and-graduation-requirements.html#SU

  • #14 Is it possible to combine special undergraduate programmes with the UTCP?

    We are generally supportive of students’ desire to explore the various opportunities available in the University e.g. Student Exchange Programme. Nonetheless, it is important for students who wish to participate in more than one special programme to plan ahead. Students may approach the Colleges to discuss their curriculum pathways.

  • #15 Can I apply for a change of my choice of RC after I have submitted an application?

    We urge applicants to review the RCs carefully before you submit your application. Appeals for transfer may only be possible if the RC being appealed to has available places. 

    Amongst the colleges available for your selection are Residential College 4, College of Alice and Peter Tan and Tembusu College,which offer the UTCP. and Ridge View Residential College, which offers the RVRC programme.

    Below is a table to provide a quick overview of the process for transfer of change of RC:

    Should you still decide to change your choice of RC, please contact us at rcadmissions@nus.edu.sg

    Stages of Appeal for Transfer of RC

    Course of Action

    Before interview

    The RC that you have applied for (or been assigned to, if you stated ‘No Preference’), hereinafter referred to as ‘assigned RC’ will contact you if you are shortlisted. Should you decide to proceed with the transfer of RC, your application will be routed to your appealed RC (hereinafter referred to as an ‘appealed RC’).

    Your placement in the appealed RC is not guaranteed.

    You will be contacted to attend an interview if you are shortlisted by the appealed RC. The interview panel will decide subsequently whether to offer you admission or not. 

    After interview

    If you decide to change your choice of RC after you have attended an interview with the RC that you have applied for, your application will be routed to the appealed RC for their consideration.

    Your placement in the appealed RC is not guaranteed.

    Normally, the appealed RC will not conduct another interview as the RC will review your application based on the result of the interview conducted earlier to decide if an admission offer will be made to you.

    After Admission Offer is Made

    Should you change your mind after receiving an offer for admissions, and before accepting or rejecting the offer, your application will be voided by the RC that had offered you a place.

    Your application will be reviewed by the new RC of your choice. Your placement in the appealed RC is not guaranteed.

    Normally, the appealed RC will not conduct another interview as the RC will review your application based on the result of the interview conducted earlier to decide if an admission offer will be made to you. 

    After Admission Offer is Accepted or Rejected

    If you accept or reject the admission offer, you will not be considered by other RCs. If you are still interested in the UTCP or RVRC programme, you will need to reapply in subsequent years.



  • #16 Can I appeal to change my choice of RC if I accept or reject an admission offer by one of the colleges?

    Students can only submit one application per year. Students who accept or reject an admisson offer will need to reapply for the UTCP or RVRC programme in subsequent years.