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Quotes "My stay at UTown has been memorable thus far, and I am glad to be part of a community where there is active engagement of students in decision-making and in the organisation of activities/events. Also, the environment has a sense of vibrancy alongside diversity, where we get to interact with new friends from a variety of cultures/countries as we live, learn, work and mature together."
- Silin
Did you know? UTown has one of the biggest indoor rock climbing walls for the sports enthusiast. Drop by the Stephen Riady Centre now!

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Residential Colleges

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“University Town is a place I love to come home to. It’s wonderful to live and study in a place so pleasant – every day, I share my meals with friends, walk down paths curling around trees and gardens and do my work in the company of neighbours.

As I look around, I notice friends having tea, schoolmates rushing projects, focussed discussions taking place around a half-dozen laptops, and distant, laughing figures tossing a Frisbee around on Town Green. Here at UTown, you can find the heart of university life, the sense of a community one is proud to belong to, and you can truly believe that your time here will not be just about the books and grades.”

Lin Yongqing
FASS / Tembusu College

A model of living and learning that is distinctively NUS

A first of its kind in Singapore’s higher education landscape, the residential colleges are situated in University Town™ (UTown®). These residential colleges offer NUS undergraduate students a new type of campus living, where they can live and learn together with their peers and professors.

Each College is headed by a Rector and a Master. Supported by a team of Faculty Fellows, they define the College’s academic tone and character. Combining the vibrancy of campus living with an exciting multidisciplinary programme, the residential colleges create a highly interactive environment where discussions in seminar rooms spilling over to the dining hall are not uncommon. Additionally, a common set of facilities at the residential colleges supports the organisation of informal learning activities, complementing the formal curriculum. Master’s Teas, forums as well as other activities at the common lounge and multipurpose hall allow students to learn and interact in a host of different settings. In the long run, the collegiate system will promote the development of enduring group relationships and engender strong bonds amongst a diverse mix of students.

In August 2011, UTown welcomed its pioneer batch of residents into Tembusu College and Cinnamon College (USP). The University Scholars Programme is housed in Cinnamon College while the University Town College Programme is offered in College of Alice & Peter Tan, Residential College 4 and Tembusu College. To learn more about the programmes based at UTown, click here.

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Click here for more information on Cinnamon College (USP) .
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Click here for more information on Residential College 4.
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For more information about Ridge View Residential College, which is located outside of UTown next to Yusof Ishak House, click here

“Having lived in dormitories since secondary school days, I did not think that living in a residential college (RC) would be that different. I had initially thought that the model of ‘living and learning in the same place’ was more hype than anything else. It is definitely practical and saves on transportation costs, but I have found that the RC is more than just that. A more accurate description would be that the RC is the place where we ‘live out what was learned’. Sure, there are intellectual discussions and lots of studying, but more importantly, we are in an environment where we can share our craziest ideas and interests. Only in the RC will dinner conversations range from the arts to the sciences, injected with occasional talk on how to creatively use meal credits and on how to solve flooding and acoustic problems in the surroundings.

Make no mistake, the RC being new means teething problems to be overcome, but at the same time, everything is new and fresh for pioneer students to shape and make their own. There are things to be addressed to enable the RC to flourish, but already there are many initiatives like the ‘Random Walks in Science’ series going on at the RC: these make the Cinnamon College (USP) a wonderful place to live in.”

Ivan Tsoi 
FoS and USP / Cinnamon College (USP)