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Download these useful guides* (page 1/page 2) for a self-guided tour of University Town!

Alternatively, you may also wish to embark on an interactive self-guided tour by downloading our NUS Campus Explorer app available on both ITunes and Google Play Store! Listen to the audio guides and check in to the various buildings to win a mystery gift! Have fun exploring UTown!

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Quotes "Being part of the Tembusu community has been an exhilarating experience! Apart from participating in student-initiated activities as well as honing my critical thinking skills through the uniquely designed Ideas and Exposition modules, informal learning opportunities are also available to enhance and complete my College experience."
- Timothy
Did you know? The residential colleges at UTown are anchored by two programmes - University Scholars Programme, and UTown College Programme. Check out the 'Programmes' section to find out more.

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Education Resource Centre
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Writing Unit & Writing and Communication Hub

Your solution to good writing and communication skills

The Writing Unit is part of the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC), a non-faculty based teaching unit with its core mission being to empower NUS students to acquire effective English language and communication skills for their academic and professional lives. To fulfill its core mission, CELC provides a wide range of writing and communication courses and programmes to help prepare NUS students for their academic studies and professional careers. In addition to these courses and programmes, CELC also provides other important services, one of which is the WCH.

The Writing and Communication Hub (WCH) currently has two stations: CELC Station (CELC Building, Level 2) and University Town Station (PC Commons Meeting Room 6 at Education Resource Centre).

The WCH is a place where NUS students can get help with their writing, oral presentations and conversation skills. Staffed by trained peer tutors, the WCH provides two major services: one-to-one consultations to help students who need assistance with their writing (remote consultation for writing is also provided) and oral presentation assignments, and conversation classes for students who want to practice casual, English-language conversation in a supportive environment. Such services are offered to all NUS students at no charge to the student.

To learn more about what the WCH does, please go to http://www.nus.edu.sg/celc/writinghub/.

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