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Quotes "As a USP student, it was rewarding to witness how the shift to UTown had provided USP students with many more resources and platforms to organise communal learning activities beyond the classroom…"
- Edwin
Did you know? Equipped with facilities for personal or collaborative work, there are 1751 power sockets at the study areas in ERC.

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Education Resource Centre
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A vibrant learning hub amid lush greenery

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With a prime location at the heart of University Town™ (UTown®), there is a constant buzz at the Education Resource Centre (ERC) where many of the facilities are accessible 24/7. Open to the NUS community, the ERC attracts students with its array of IT and multimedia facilities, plentiful study clusters and group discussion spaces where students can brainstorm for group projects or work individually on course assignments. Designed to foster collaborative learning, the technology-infused seminar rooms in UTown also encourage professors to introduce new teaching methods, which could eventually be replicated to the wider NUS community. Such strategic planning demonstrates the University’s commitment to enhance the overall educational experience for all NUS students.

“As an NUS undergraduate, I am thankful for the well-equipped facilities such as the Computer Commons and study areas, which are well-designed to cater to the various needs of students. On the whole, it has been an enjoyable and positive experience at UTown thus far.”

Lee Silin
SoC / Tembusu College